why this weekend was so good

>> Sunday, October 24, 2010

instead of having to drive 3 1/2 hours to go home for the weekend and 3 1/2 hours back to school just to have a bunch of homework left to finish sunday night, my parents came to me. it was basically a 24-hour visit, but it was a much needed 24-hour visit. sometimes i get caught up in all these little school things that i forget how much i miss them. so we packed as much as we could into this weekend and this is why it was so good:

-lunch at the best pub in SLO (according to me and erin). yummmm turkey burgers and fries.
-wine tasting with my mom, who then but a BUNCH of bottles and left two behind for me to enjoy.
-drove out to avila valley barn to pick out some good produce and a giant pumpkin to carve with my sister.
-grocery shopping with my dad cuz my mom wanted to watch the giants' game (kind of a role reversal, huh?).
-mom's cooking! we had a delicious spaghetti meal with lots of extra sauce that my mom separated into containers and put in the freezer for some quick and easy meals in the future. such a mom thing :D
-marlee stayed the night at my place and we watched 50 first dates. adam sandler, always a classic.
-woke up early this morning and made a delicious strawberry-banana-mango smoothie to start the day.
-my parents came back over to watch the 49ers game, but my cable's lame and wasn't broadcasting it. so we were forced to listen to it on the radio, which was kinda nice and simple in a comforting way.
-while we listened marlee and i carved our pumpkin and baked the seeds.
-my dad went with my to get a new tire for my bike and now i can ride to school again!

all in all, it was a productive, funny, family-filled weekend that i really needed. i still ended up saving all my homework for sunday night, but i don't really mind. surprisingly, i miss them already.
this picture isn't from this weekend, but it's my favorite family photo of our recent alaskan adventure.


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