two truths and a lie.

>> Friday, February 26, 2010

1. my mom absolutely hates the deer that roam the hill in our backyard, using her plants as snackage. she would have me and my sister pile up rocks from outside on the back deck so that whenever the deer came around we'd be ready to scare them away. she even bought a slingshot for us to use. marz and i aren't very aggressive girls so we never threw the rocks with as much umph or as good of aim as our mom would have liked. luckily, she never found that out but continued to be angry with the deer.

2. when i was in middle school, one of my best friends and i decided we were going to become architects. our first project: a ladder that would lead to the small platform of a tree house in her grandma's backyard. we decided we would go this college she had heard was the best for architecture in california, cal poly SLO.

3. i once went to a book promotion of sorts for maurice sendak at a local bookstore. i was probably 5 or 6. i brought my copy of where the wild things are and was able to get it signed. over time i came to believe that i owned a book actually signed by maurice sendak himself, you can imagine how rad i thought that was when the recent movie hype started stirring up. unfortunately, i asked my parents about it, and it turns out it was signed by someone dressed up as a "wild thing".

can you pick out the lie?


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