>> Sunday, August 2, 2009

so here i am, sitting in the library and avoiding the studying i should be doing for an important dynamics midterm which will take place tomorrow morning. yuck. i feel like getting my study materials together and actually arriving at the library is step one of this unfortunate situation, and considering there are only two other steps (the actually studying and then the taking of the exam) i have decided to reward myself with some quality time with my dear friend, LEON (my laptop). so here i am, back where we started.

also my thoughts have finally arrived and are ready to be shared with al of you, but let me start by answering your questions =]

1. here's a list of artists i am in love with at the moment
-this beautiful song by m. ward of she & him
-and one song in particular from friendly fires with a perfectly matching video

2. lollipops... i love sour things and i feel like a sour-ish peach lollipop would be absolutely delicious right now. they always make peach candy so sweet, so sour peach would make me very happy.

3. summer and daycare go hand in hand for me. my best friend and i would bring "boredom packs" with us everyday. we were never really bored at daycare so the packs weren't even completely necessary, but we loved them. each pack had to include the following:
-silly putty
-a deck of cards
-i feel like we each had watches or something too
-a rock to play hopscotch with
-and anything we found outside that was worth keeping or a little toy from home


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